Research at the Center for Behavioral and Addiction Medicine

The Center for Behavioral & Addiction Medicine (CBAM) is a multidisciplinary center that seeks to advance the prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses, especially in communities with health disparities. We work at the intersection of academia and community with a focus on treating addictions and preventing the spread of HIV.

CBAM is defined by three signature services:

In pursuit of our mission, CBAM conducts research on medical, behavioral, and combination approaches to the prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses, with a particular focus on addiction and HIV. This includes conducting clinical trials and behavioral studies, investigating the use of technology as a prevention tool, among others. We also administer a data safety and monitoring board that provides support and oversight to dozens of researchers.

Treatment & Prevention
CBAM is a leader in the implementation of scientifically evaluated behavioral and addiction medicine services in primary care and community-based settings. Our work includes evidence-based, short term behavioral health services to patients coping with a range of chronic conditions, office-based medical treatment for dependence on substances of abuse, development of treatment manuals and technical guidelines for the care of disparate populations, and community engagement in the adoption and implementation of high quality, evidence-based prevention and treatment for substance use and combination prevention for HIV.

CBAM seeks to inspire and inform students, clinicians, researchers, and public health professionals through mentoring, fellowships, seminars and other training activities.

Each one of these services informs and strengthens the other. To learn about our current work or to access our archives, visit

To find out about treatment and clinical trials research options, call us toll free at: 866-449-UCLA (8252)