For Family Medicine Research Unit Employees

Here are some commonly needed documents/forms for Department of Familiy Medicine Research Unit employees. If you have any questions or do not see the form you require, please contact Laura Sheehan, Manager of Research Administration at [email protected].


Accounting Policies/Training (PPT)

Blanket Agreements/Orders

Effort Reporting Guide

How-To Guide for Travel (requesting flights, PTAs, etc.)

Information Sheet for New Fam Med Oppenheimer Suite Employees

Post Award Training (PPT) 

Travel/Entertainment Training (PPT)  (Powerpoint training on completing the Travel/Entertainment Reimbursement Request Form)


At Your Service Catering 

Check Request Form

Debarment and Anti Lobby Certificate

Foreign Wire Transfer Requests

Gift Cards for IRB-Approved Research Participant Payments (Review guidelines and complete the entire ordering process. The system will send the request to the PI and Fund Manager for review/approval before processing)

Gift Cards for Non-Employees and Non-Research Subjects (Review guidelines and then download/complete the SFS Non-Employee Disbursement Form on Step 2. Then STOP and submit the form to your Fund Manager. They must sign off before you can proceed.) 

Guest Traveler - Airfare/Hotel Request Form 

Independent Contractor/Consultant Checklist

Mileage Reimbursement Form

Purchase Request Form

Source Selection & Price Reasonableness (SSPR) Form

Travel and Entertainment Reimbursement Request Form

Looking for other forms not available here? Check out the Accounts Payable website for forms like Petty Cash Replenishments, W9 templates, and other AP forms. 


Facilities and Resources Page for Proposals

Proposal Intake Form

Subaward Invoice Certification Form

Subawards - Required Information for Proposals


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