Airway Stenosis Program

Airway Stenosis Program - UCLA Head and Neck Surgery


Airway Stenosis Program within the Department of Head and Neck Surgery is geared towards treatment of breathing problems due to narrowing of the airway from the nose to the trachea.  Specialized surgery is offered to treat narrowing of the airway and tracheostomy dependence. 

Program Approach

The Airway Stenosis Program is a multidisciplinary approach involving head and neck surgeons, thoracic surgeons, and pulmonologists, to provide comprehensive treatment of Airway Stenosis from the nose to the lungs.  Treatment is individualized and includes a variety of operations including tracheal resection, cricotracheal resection, laryngotracheoplasty, and endoscopic laser procedures to open the airway for natural breathing.

Research Applications

The Program is dedicated to exploring the latest techniques and technologies to improve patient outcome and improve quality of life.  Comparison of various modalities for treatment of laryngeal and tracheal stenosis is currently being performed.


Subglottic Stenosis Surgery

This subglottic stenosis surgery is performed in order to widen the narrow airway. Precise radial incisions are made with an endscopic laser and then the airway is dilated using balloon technology. This procedure widened the patients airway from 7mm to 16mm allowing for more functional breathing, and resolved stridor (a whistling sound associated with a tightened or obstructed airway).

Our Expert Team

Gerald S. Berke, MD
Dinesh K. Chhetri, MD
Jennifer Long, MD, PhD


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