Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Visiting Rotation Program

The Ahmanson/UCLA Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center allows interested  cardiology and pediatric cardiology fellows an opportunity to do a 4-week rotation that covers a broad range of experiences dealing with patients with congenital heart disease.   Interested applicants should send an email request to our Program Coordinator, Andrew Yuen  [email protected],  and our Program Director,  Dr. Jeannette Lin  [email protected], to check for availability.  

Once a visiting rotation is approved, the visiting rotator must provide a letter signed by their Program Director and also provide a current CV.  

The letter must include the following information:

Rotator is in good standing at their current training program

Beginning/End dates of rotation

Purpose of rotation

Statement from rotators Program Director attesting to the fact that 

  -Trainee has completed criminal background check

  -Home institution will pay the salary, benefits, and liability insurance for the rotator

  -Trainee is in compliant with all institutional health clearance requirements including TB testing and all required vaccinations such as Covid-19 Series. 

Parking is available for visiting rotators as needed, coordinated by the Cardiology division coordinator.  A one month parking permit is approximately $100, paid by the rotator.  

Please contact  Andrew Yuen at (310)-267-6697, or [email protected],  for more information.   

Adult Congenital Heart Disease Team of Doctors

Training Program

The Ahmanson/UCLA Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center invites applications for one position in a 2-year training program in Adult Congenital Heart Disease. The American Board of Internal Medicine, American Board of Pediatrics, ACGME and others have approved Adult Congenital Heart Disease as a two-year fellowship with ABIM Board Certification.

We are not accepting applications for the 2019-2021 training cycle.  If you are interested in our ACHD fellowship for 2020-2022, please contact us directly.

For more information, please contact Yvonne Jose, Administrative Manager, at (310) 825-2019. Thank you.