Research group

  • CURE Hemostasis Research Group

Dennis M. Jensen, MD

Principal investigator

  • Dennis M. Jensen, MD


  • Gareth Dulai, MD, MSHS
  • Kevin Ghassemi, MD
  • Thomas Kovacs, MD
  • Gustavo Machicado, MD
  • James Sul, MD, MSEpi
  • Marc Kaneshiro, MD
  • Stephen Kim, MD
  • Alireza Sedarat, MD
  • V. Raman Muthusamy, MD, MAS


  • NIH-NIDDK. Gastroenterology Training Grant (T32)
  • CURE Digestive Diseases Research Center (DDRC), Human Studies CORE
  • VA Clinical Merit Review Grant
  • ASGE Research Foundation Grant
  • Medtronic Investigator Initiated Research Grant

Current research projects

  • Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) of a large over-the-scope hemoclip compared to standard endoscopic hemostasis for patients with severe non-variceal UGI bleeding
  • RCT of Doppler assisted risk stratification and hemostasis compared to GI guideline management to prevent severe delayed post-polypectomy induced ulcer (PPIU) hemorrhage in high risk patients
  • Database, retrospective cohort studies and prospective RCT of Dieulafoy’s lesions as a cause of severe UGI, small intestine, or colon hemorrhage
  • Retrospective cohort study of long term outcomes of patients with UGI bleeding from watermelon stomach or portal hypertensive gastropathy treated with MPEC vs. APC
  • Cohort study of the accuracy of CT scans for detection of esophagogastric varices in patients with severe UGI hemorrhage
  • Prospective study of urgent capsule endoscopy for localization and diagnosis of patients with severe hematochezia

Future research directions

  • Multicenter study of OVESCO vs. standard endoscopic hemostasis for severe ulcer and Dieulafoy’s lesion hemorrhage
  • Multicenter study of Doppler assisted endoscopic risk stratification and hemostasis to prevent delayed bleeding after EMR or polypectomy in the colon, stomach or duodenum in high risk patients
  • RCT of Cryotherapy vs. APC for control of chronic GI bleeding in patients with watermelon stomach or portal hypertensive gastropathy
  • Cohort study of delayed EMR or post-polypectomy hemorrhage after resection of UGI benign polyps
  • Cost analyses of OTSC and PPIU RCT’s when enrollment is completed

Key publications - Full list of PubMed publications for Dr. Dennis Jensen

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Past GI research fellows

  • Marine Camus, MD
  • Disaya Chavalitdhamrong, MD
  • Daniel Eshtiaghpour, MD
  • M. Philip Fejleh, MD
  • Marie-Anne Guillaumot, MD
  • Vandana Khungar, MD, MSc
  • Shane Manatsathit, MD
  • Neil Marya, MD
  • Benjamin Nulsen, MD
  • Alireza Sedarat, MD


  • Rudolph V. Schindler Award (2012) - Dr. Dennis Jensen was the recipient of the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) Rudolph V. Schindler Award. This Schindler Award is the society's highest honor, recognizing the person whose accomplishments in endoscopic research, teaching or service to the society exemplifies the standards of Dr. Schindler.

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