The Division of Infectious Diseases faculty members have a wide variety of research interests and conduct research spanning basic science to clinical trials, in local, national, and international settings.

Basic Laboratory Investigation

Researcher looking into a microscope

Basic laboratory investigation includes topics such as molecular mechanisms of viral evasion of the immune system and drug therapies, the role of the mucosal immune system in HIV infection, development of new small molecule viral inhibitors, "bench-to-bedside" development of vaccines for tuberculosis and HIV, and immune mechanisms of rejection after organ transplantation.

Clinical Investigation

Clinical investigation ranges from local studies of the Los Angeles urban area to multi-national studies. Our clinical research interests include the epidemiology and prevention of nosocomial infections, influenza treatment, intravascular device infections, infectious complications of organ transplantation, HIV treatment and prevention domestically and internationally (through the AIDS Clinical Trials Group, HIV Prevention Trials Network, and UCLA Program in Global Health), co-infections of HIV with hepatitis viruses, and prevention of sexually-transmitted infections in at-risk populations.

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HIV-related Clinical Trials

Visit the CARE Center website for details of the many open trials.

Other Trials Open for Patients at UCLA

  • Treatment of pacemaker infections, Dr. Dan Uslan
  • Influenza epidemiology and treatment, Dr. Dan Uslan
  • Reducing surface contamination with bacteria in hospitals, Dr. Dan Uslan
  • Immune responses in HIV-1-infected patients, Dr. Otto Yang
  • Hepatitis B and C Virus evolution, Dr. Martha Lewis
  • HIV and Hepatitis B Virus co-infection, Dr. Debika Bhattacharya
  • Immunology of lung transplant rejection, Dr. Aric Gregson
  • Immunology of composite tissue (hand and face) transplant rejection, Dr. Otto Yang
  • Renal transplant rejection and BK Virus, Dr. Joanna Schaenman
  • Mucosal innate immune system and resistance to HIV Infection, Dr. Otto Yang
  • HIV treatment, Dr. Judith Currier