LIFT-UP Program Structure

The UCLA LIFT-UP network, Leveraging Institutional Support for Talented, Underrepresented Physicians and/or Scientists, is comprised of three cores that work together to support post-doctoral fellows, junior and mid-level faculty from diverse groups:

  • The Research Mentoring Core (RMC) is directed by Andrea Hevener, PhD and Tannaz Moin, MD, MBA and includes a group of faculty mentors from UCLA. The RMC will support post-doctoral fellows, junior and mid-level faculty via 3 mechanisms:
    1. A pilot and feasibility grants program designed to foster the development of innovative research in obesity or diabetes.
    2. Structured one-on-one and group mentorship for LIFT-UP Scholars.
    3. A core curriculum to provide LIFT-UP Scholars with the necessary research skills to succeed as tenured researchers.
    4. Access to mentors, faculty development, and research seminars for LIFT-UP alumni through our LIFT-UP Alumni Program.
  • Research Support Core (RSC) is directed by Claudio Villanueva, PhD and Lauren Wisk, PhD. The primary mission is to provide the necessary resources to ensure the success of the P&F research projects. The RSC also coordinates supplemental small grants for quantitative and qualitative data analysis support or other UCLA Core resources to LIFT-UP Scholars. Finally, the RSC helps LIFT-UP Scholars identify additional sources of funding as needed to help them supplement their LIFT-UP pilots or additional work going forward as they progress toward K-level and R-level research funding applications.
  • Administrative Core (AC), led by Carol Mangione, MD and O. Kenrik Duru, MD, MS provides overall leadership and oversight of the pilot and feasibility award recruitment and selection process. The AC also ensures open communication between all participants, stakeholders, and cores associated with LIFT-UP.