SPIRIT K12 Program Core Mentors, Research and Executive

Research Mentors

  • Arleen F. Brown, Medicine (GIM-HSR), UCLA/LACDHS (Olive View)
  • Alex A. Bui, Radiological Sciences and Bioengineering, UCLA
  • Karen Coleman, Research & Evaluation, KPSC
  • Lynn V. Doering, Nursing, UCLA
  • David Elashoff, Medicine (GIM-HSR), UCLA
  • Joann G. Elmore, Medicine (GIM-HSR), UCLA
  • Michael K. Gould, Research & Evaluation, KPSC
  • Ronald D. Hays, Medicine (GIM-HSR), UCLA
  • Felicia S. Hodge, Nursing, UCLA
  • Moira Inkelas, Public Health, UCLA
  • Clifford Y. Ko, Surgery, UCLA
  • Annette Langer-Gould, Research & Evaluation, KPSC
  • Mark S. Litwin, Urology, UCLA
  • Carol M. Mangione, Medicine (GIM-HSR), UCLA
  • Brian S. Mittman, Research & Evaluation, KPSC
  • Jack Needleman, Public Health, UCLA
  • Huong Nguyen, Research & Evaluation, KPSC
  • Keith C. Norris, Medicine (GIM-HSR), UCLA
  • Michael K. Ong, Medicine (GIM-HSR), UCLA/VAGLAHS
  • Thomas H. Rice, Public Health, UCLA
  • Paul G. Shekelle, VAGLAHS/Medicine (GIM-HSR), UCLA
  • Karol E. Watson, Medicine (Cardiology), UCLA
  • Kenneth B. Wells, Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences, UCLA/VAGLAHS
  • Mitchell D. Wong, Medicine (GIM-HSR), UCLA
  • Elizabeth Yano, VAGLAHS/Public Health, UCLA

Health Care System Executive Advisors/Career Mentors

  • Karen A. Grimley, Chief Nursing Executive, UCLA Health
  • Patti Harvey, Senior Vice President of Quality, Regulatory, and Clinical Operations Support, KPSC
  • Michael H. Kanter, Executive Vice President of Quality and Chief Quality Officer for the Kaiser Permanente Federation, KPSC
  • Amit Kothari, Deputy Chief of Staff for Quality, Safety, and Value, VAGLAHS
  • Anish Mahajan, Chief Medical Officer, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, LACDHS
  • Greg Orshansky, Chief Health Information Officer, VAGLAHS
  • Michael Pfeffer, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer, UCLA Health
  • Hal F. Yee, Jr., Chief Medical Officer and Chief Deputy Director of Health Services and Clinical & Medical Affairs, LACDHS

UCLA: University of California, Los Angeles [GIM-HSR: General Internal Medicine-Health Services Research]
KPSC: Kaiser Permanente Southern California
VAGLAHS: VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System
LACDHS: Los Angeles County Department of Health Services