Curriculum Overview

The Child and Family Health Training program is generally a 2 to 3 year program for trainees.  All trainees are expected to earn at least 16 units in Maternal & Child Health courses:

  • 4 units of child policy course
  • 4 units of methods course
  • 4 units of elective courses that have been approved by our program
  • 4 unit leadership seminar course led by Dr. A. Kuo in the Spring Quarter

Approved Courses

A total of 16 units in MCH courses is required, however, eligible courses are constantly being evaluated and added once approved by our core faculty. Listed below is the current course menu as of August 2023.

Policy Courses in Child Health (8 units required)

Course: Course Title:
HPM 428/ CHS 428 Child and Family Community Health Leadership Seminar (mandatory) (4 units)
HPM 449A/ CHS 436A Child Health, Programs, and Policy (4 units)

Health Systems/Methods Course in MCH (4 units required)

*NURS courses are only available to current nursing students at UCLA

Course: Course Title:
HPM 214 Measurement of Effectiveness of Outcomes of Health Care (4 units)
HPM 215A FOR MPH STUDENTS ”Healthcare Quality and Performance Management (4 units)
HPM 215B FOR MS or PhD STUDENTS ”Applied Methods for Improvement/Implementation Science(4 units)
HPM 266B Community Based Participatory Health Research: Methods and Applications (4 units)
HPM M290 / CHS 237 Evolving Paradigms in Prevention: Interventions in Early Childhood (4 units)
HPM 420 / CHS 420 Social and Environmental Determinants of Child Health (Formerly: Children with Special Health Care Needs: A Systems Perspective) (4 units)
HPM 441 Data Analytics: Identifying, Collecting, and Analyzing Data in Health Care (4 units)
CHS M209 Population Models and Dynamics (4 units)
CHS M216A Qualitative Research: Design and Data Collection (4 units)
CHS 247 Population Change and Public Policy (4 Units)
EPI 203 Topics in Theoretical Epidemiology (2 units)
EPI 217 Social Networks and Public Health (4 units)
EPI 267 Methodologic Issues in Reproductive Epidemiology (2 units)
EPI M403 Computer Management and Analysis of Health Data Using SAS (4 units
NURS 269* Quality Improvement & Population-Based Quality of Practice
NURS 462* Maternity Nursing (5 units)
NURS 464* Pediatric Nursing (5 units)

Elective Course in Maternal, Child & Family Health (4 units req)

*NURS courses are only available to current nursing students at UCLA

Course: Course Title:
CHS 224 Social Determinants of Nutrition (4 units)
CHS 226 Womens Health and Wellbeing (4 units)
CHS 231 Maternal & Child Nutrition (4 units)
CHS 238 Evolving Paradigms in Prevention: Interventions in Adolescence (4 units)
CHS 246 Women’s Roles & Family Health (4 units)
CHS 431 Foundation to Reproductive Health (4 units)
CHS 448 Food Policies and Programs (4 units)
EPI 247 Lifecourse Epidemiology (2 units)
HPM 243 Population Health Approach to Autism 
HPM 253 Transformation of Health Care in the US (4 units)
HPM 428/ CHS 428 Child & Family Health Community Leadership Seminar (2 units)
HPM 434/ CHS M430 Building Advocacy Skills (4 units)
HPM M434 Building Advocacy Skills: Reproductive Health Focus (4 units)
NURS 204* Research Design and Critique (4 units)
NURS 223* Childhood Development: Research and Application to Nursing (3 units)
NURS 252A* Health Promotion: Growth and Development in Culturally Diverse Populations (2 units)
NURS 268* Leadership in Healthcare Systems (4 units)
NURS 467* Healthcare Policy (3 units)