The UCLA Neuro-oncology Program conducts extensive translational and clinical research focused on individualizing treatments to extend and improve the lives of patients with primary brain tumors. The program faculty members often collaborate with other investigators in the UCLA Brain Tumor Center and are part of the brain cancer SPORE.

Basic and Translational Research:
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Clinical Trials

Neuro-Oncology clinical trials include advanced treatment modalities for brain cancer including targeted therapies, viral therapies, and immunotherapies. Other clinical trials include studies in tumor imaging, quality of care, and neurocognition in collaboration with other researchers at UCLA Health.

For questions on clinical trials, contact:
Emese Filka
Clinical Trial Coordinator

You may find more information on the following clinical trials offered by our program at

UCLA - IRB Number Study Agent Targeted Pathology Diagnosis Trial Phase


Lapatinib with Surgery

Recurrent High-Grade Glioma

Early Phase


MLN0128 with Surgery

Preoperative Recurrent Glioblastoma (GBM)                                          

Pilot Study



Recurrent GBM

Phase 1b/2


Nivolumab vs Temozolomide, with RT

Newly Diagnosed GBM

Phase 3


Temozolomide plus Radiation  Therapy (RT) Combined with Nivolumab

Newly Diagnosed GBM

Phase 2


IL-7 (CYT107)

High Grade Gliomas

Pilot Study


DNX-2401 with Pembrolizumab

1st or 2nd Recurrent GBM or Gliosarcoma

Phase 2


ABT-414 with Concurrent Chemoradiation and Adjuvant Temozolomide

Newly Diagnosed GBM

Phase 2b/3



Recurrent Malignant Glioma

Pilot Study



Recurrent GBM

Phase 2


Avelumab with HFRT

Recurrent GBM transformed from low grade glioma

Phase 2



Recurrent GBM

Phase 2


Anti-LAG-3 or Anti-CD137 in Combination with Anti-PD-1

Recurrent GBM

Phase 1


DSP-7888 with Bevacizumab

Recurrent GBM

Phase 2


BGB-290 with Temozolomide and/or RT

Newly Diagnosed GBM or 1st Recurrent GBM

Phase 1b/2



Newly Diagnosed GBM or Recurrent GBM

Phase 1


AG120 or AG881, with surgery

Recurrent Grade 2 or 3 Low Grade Glioma

Phase 1


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