UCLA Goldberg Migraine Program

Migraine and other forms of severe headaches are disabling disorders of the nervous system that affect hundreds of millions of individuals worldwide. While for many they occur episodically and infrequently, for others they are a chronic problem that interferes with all aspects of their daily lives. The UCLA Goldberg Migraine Program focuses on:

Basic Research

Our laboratories use a variety of cutting edge techniques to try to increase the understanding of the basic causes of migraine, to identify new treatments, and to bring these new treatments to patients.

Clinical Research

Studies with patients are aimed at characterizing the clinical features of migraine and determining the effectiveness of new therapies.


A primary focus of the program is to educate medical and graduate students, residents, fellows, and physician and scientist colleagues regarding the basic and clinical aspects of migraine and the management of migraine patients.

Patient care

The UCLA Goldberg Migraine Program strives to provide state-of-the art care for patients with headache disorders, and to educate patients about their conditions to enable them to participate in their treatment and facilitate improvement of their symptoms.

For more information about clinical care, please visit our UCLA Goldberg Migraine Program medical service page.

Researchers Academic Series

Guido Faas, PhD

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