Neural Systems & Dynamics Laboratory (NSDL)


NSDL was established in 2006 at UCLA. Dr Xiao Hu is moving to UCSF School of Nursing to start a new phase of his career at the end 08/2013. He will continue to collaborate with the clinical investigators of the NSDL who remain at UCLA to develop, assess, and deploy translational biomedical informatics algorithms and software systems to support the realization of precision medicine.


Principal Investigators

Full Time Members

Mark Connolly, BS, Research Associate

Post Graduate Research Fellows

Graduate Students

  • Robert Hamilton (BME)
  • Mahsa Malekmohammadi (BME)
  • Yong Bai (BME)

Undergraduate Students

Lab Alumni

  • Peng Xu, Ph.D.
  • Kyle Tsai
  • Magdalena Kasprowicz, Ph.D.
  • Mingxi Zhao, M.S.
  • Shaozhi Wu, M.S.
  • Jessica Lu (BME), with Amgen
  • Sunghan Kim Ph.D., Assistant professor, East Carolina University
  • Shadnaz Asgari, Ph.D., Assistant professor, Cal State University, Long Beach
  • Peter Honching Li,M.S., Senior Software Engineer,
  • Fabien Scalzo, Ph.D., Assistant professor, UCLA Neurology

Active Extramural Grants

  1. "ICP Elevation Alerting Based on a Predictive Model Hosting Platform"; NINDS; 2012-2016; PI: Xiao Hu



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Book Chapters

  • F. S. Cattivelli, S. Asgari, P. Vespa, A. H. Sayed, M. Bergsneider, and X. Hu, "Use of Constrained Nonlinear Kalman Filtering to Detect Pathological Constriction of Cerebral Arterial Blood Vessels," in Application of Kalman Filter: I-Tech Education and Publishing, 2009, pp. 143-162.
  • F. Scalzo, R. Hamilton, and X. Hu. Real-time analysis of intracranial pressure waveform morphology, in Neurological Disorders:I-Tech Education and Publishing, 2011, ISBN978-953-307-799-4
  • F. Scalzo, X. Hu, and D. Liebeskind. Tissue Fate Prediction from Regional Imaging Features in Acute Ischemic Stroke. in Neuroimaging - Methods, ISBN 978-953-51-0097-3, 2012.

Pending and Granted Patents

  1. "Clinical information system", with Nenov V et al.f
  2. "Multi Automated Severity Scoring", with Martin N et al.
  3. "Data mining based Noninvasive Intracranial Pressure Assessment", with Nenov V et al.
  4. Morphological Clustering and Analysis of Intracranial Pressure", with Bergsneider M

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