The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery takes pride in providing expert Orthopaedic care and medical treatments to all patients. Read below to learn about how our Orthopaedic physicians utilize top of the line medical treatments to address their patients needs.

Jacqueline Hansen

Former Boston Marathon winner back on track after shoulder surgery

Former Boston Marathon winner, Jacqueline Hansen, back on track after shoulder replacement surgery by UCLA Ortho's Dr. Andy Jensen

Siblings Rainen and Myla Valeriano, both diagnosed with a rare bone disorder

Rainen and Myla Valeriano are two youngsters are healthy and thriving despite being diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta, a rare genetic bone disorder that can lead to frequent fractures.

Efrain Ordonez Jr

A mom's wish for her son to walk without crutches is being realized

UCLA Orthopaedic surgeons Anthony Scaduto and Nicholas Bernthal performed a rare procedure on Efrain Ordonez Jr. called a Rotationplasty, which involves flipping the foot and leg backward and making the ankle a functioning joint.

Surfing with my surgeon

When Robert Lombard learned he needed two knee replacements, he was determined to find a surgeon who understood that his top priority was to be able to return to the sport that fulfilled him body and soul – surfing.

Sassoon surfing

Teamwork in Medicine: Mykaela's Story

Mykaela has spastic diplegia, which as a form of cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that usually appears in infancy or early childhood and permanently affects muscle control and coordination (National Institute of Health, 2021). Mykaela was experiencing worsening contractures which had begun to affect her gait and ultimately her quality of life. Without surgery, the natural history is that of decline and reliance on a wheelchair for mobility.

David's Journey: Ewing Sarcoma

How our Pediatric Team, Dr. Mauricio Silva, Dr. Noah Federman and Dr. Nicholas M. Bernthal  joined forces to help save little David