Child sitting in mother's lap reading book

Legacy for Children™ strongly supports the belief that all children deserve an opportunity to reach their full potential. In order to foster each child's development, Legacy for Children™ promotes optimal child outcomes by enhancing each mother's positive feelings and confidence in her parenting abilities.

Legacy for Children™ is rooted in the belief that:

  • Parental self-efficacy helps mothers understand that their behaviors can positively influence the development of their children.
  • All parents can successfully parent, regardless of their current life circumstances, if given the opportunity to improve their parenting knowledge and their parenting behaviors.
  • Parents do a better job of adopting and maintaining behaviors that enhance their child's development if they receive ongoing support from a peer group and are able to develop a sense of belonging to a community larger than themselves.
  • The Legacy for Children™ philosophy recognizes that improving parenting knowledge and parenting behaviors requires time and is an active process.

Goals of Training

The Legacy for Children™ UCLA training is designed to address the following goals:

    1. To support parental responsibility, parental investment, and parental devotion of time and energy
    2. To support responsive, sensitive parent-child relationships
    3. To support mothers' effectiveness in guiding their children's behavioral and emotional regulation
    4. To support mothers' facilitation of their children's verbal and cognitive development
    5. To promote mothers' sense of community