Minimum Operative Case Volume

The purpose of Minimum Operative Case Volume is to ensure adequate operative experience and documentation of cases.

It is the policy of the Department of Surgery that all residents in the Core and General Surgery Residency Programs are required to enter cases in the ACGME Case Log system in a timely fashion. Core surgery residents will not be given a favorable review unless cases logs are up to date at the completion of the Core program. This means that the Program Director will inform the subsequent Program of the issue and will not sign off on any documentation required by the residency, future employment, or hospital privileging forms. Residents must complete a minimum number of cases to advance to the next year or have a favorable review. A deviation of 20% fewer cases than the minimum may lead to disciplinary action or dismissal.

Minimum number of cases per year:

  • PGY1: 60
  • PGY2: 125 (As required by the American Board of Surgery, Categorical General Surgery Residents must have 250 cases by the end of their PGY2 Year) 
  • PGY3: 250
  • PGY4: 200
  • PGY5: 150