Related Benefits for Trainees

Surgical Loupes

The Department of Surgery will provide each residents in the program with a basic pair of loupes from the options below.  If you’d like to upgrade your loupes or select a pair from a different vendor, we will reimburse you up to $350. Please submit invoice and credit card statement to the Education Office for reimbursement.

Suggested Basic Options:

  1. Meiji Galilean Surgical Eye Loupes, SKU: MG700/2.5XB $350
  2. LW Scientific Premium Loupes           ~$275
    Galilean 2.5x, 330mm LPM-P25S-3307
    Galilean 2.5x, 330mm LPM-P25L-4907
    Vendors: or

Participation in the Education Program

It is the policy of the Department of Surgery to establish and communicate expectations for both faculty and trainees regarding participation in the educational program. Ongoing participation in the educational program is the mutual responsibility of the faculty and the trainees. The following expectations are outlined to enhance the educational process.

    • Attendance of Teaching Conferences:

      Wednesday Education Conference are an integral component of the educational program. These conferences are compulsory for all residents. Attendance will be documented by signing in using the QR code. The Education Office will send an email to the trainee for any unexcused absents and will be forward to the program director. 

       Wednesday Education Conference (7:00-10:00AM) is your protected education time and is mandatory, with the following exceptions: 

      • Olive View residents: R1, post-call R2, on-call R2 and on-call R3 are excused
      • When you are rotating at Harbor, CHLA or LA General you are required to attend the on-site education conferences.
      • Residents may be excused for urgent/emergent patient care, approval from attending required. 
      • During approved vacation time. 
      • If you have obtained prior approval from the program leadership to miss conference. 
      • All excused absences must be communicated to the Surgery Education Office by writing

ABSITE - American Board of Surgery In Training Examination

All categorical General Surgery residents are required to complete the ABSITE in January of each year.  

  • If the resident is scheduled for vacation at that time, he/she must plan upon returning to UCLA for the examination, or register at a testing site near their vacation area.
  • Residents will be remediated if scored below 50%ile. The program leadership, will provide you with remediation assignments and monitor your progress.  
  • Residents will be placed on internal academic probation if scored below 30%ile and are not allowed to moonlight. 


It is the policy of the Department of Surgery to comply with institutional policy regarding housestaff leave. The following program policy regarding leave from clinical duties during training is in effect.

  • Vacation: Twenty-eight (28) days of vacation are allowed for each trainee per academic year.
  • Residents in the Core Surgical Training Program are assigned (2) two-week block of vacation. Preferences for dates of vacation will be considered but not assured. Second clinical year residents are schedule vacation in two week blocks.  Third clinical year and up will be allowed to schedule vacation in one-week blocks. Vacations may be scheduled by mutual agreement of the residents if the following conditions are met: 
    • Only one resident will be absent from a service at any time.
    • Each hospital must have a chief resident available for coverage. It is not acceptable to have a chief resident assigned to RRUMC to cover the West Los Angeles VA, etc.
    • Changes in posted vacation schedules must be submitted to the Program Director in writing not less than four (4) weeks prior to the desired change. Such changes are subject to approval and are contingent upon the needs for the delivery of appropriate clinical care.
    • Vacations must be taken within the academic year of appointment. No carry over to subsequent years will be made.
    • Non-approved days of leave in excess of the allowed (28) days, will be considered absences without approval and no credit for training will be given for this time.
  • Sick Leave: sick leave is accrued at the rate of eight (8) hours per month of appointment. In the event of illness, the resident must notify the chief resident of his/her service, and the Surgery Education Office immediately.
  • Family Illness or Death Leave: up to five days of sick leave may be used if the resident is required to be in attendance or provide care because of an illness in the family or attendance is required due to the death of a relative.
  • Paid Maternity Leave: two (2) weeks per academic year. Leave in excess of this time, with the exception of sick or vacation time will be leave without pay and may not be credited for training requirements.
  • Paid Paternity Leave: one (1) week if the following conditions are met:
    • Written notice given to the Program Director of the intention to take paternity leave at least 30- days prior the expected birth or adoption.
    • The paternity leave cannot be taken later than thirty (30) days after the actual birth or adoption date, nor commenced prior to 30 days before the projected birth or adoption date.
  • Medical Leave: may be requested if a medical condition affects a trainee's ability to continue in the training program or to safely or adequately fulfill their patient care responsibilities. Please refer to UCLA Housestaff manual for the necessary procedure to follow.