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Patients with acquired or congenital heart disease often require lifelong cardiology care. Call 310-267-7668 to learn more about adolescent transitional cardiac care.

Community-based Teen and Parent Programs and Resources

Camp del Corazon is a non-profit organization that provides year-round activities for children growing up and living with heart disease. A residential summer camp program for children ages 7-17 is offered yearly. Other programs include that offer opportunities for growth, education and support fourteens, young adults and the families who are living with heart disease. Once a teen reaches 18, they can continue to participate in Camp activities through their PACE program.  Visit them at

The Heart Connection provides support, information and resources to families with children and teens with congenital heart defects. A series of special events, including online support groups, allows parents to exchange information and share emotional support. Visit them at

The Congenital Heart Information Center (CHIN) – a web-based program that provides information for parents of children with Conge CHD. Visit them at

Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA) – a patient-driven membership program for adults with congenital heart disease. They provide education programs, are serve as an advocacy group for patients and their families. Visit them at

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