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Patients with acquired or congenital heart disease often require lifelong cardiology care. Call 310-267-7668 to learn more about adolescent transitional cardiac care.

Transitional Care Support Staff

Ashley Abuel RN, BSN is the Outpatient Nurse Coordinator and the coordinator for California Children Services (CCS). She is available to patient and their families to answer questions about CCS coverage and services. In addition, she can help coordinate a patient’s care with any services they might need.

Sylvia Villasenior, clinical social worker for pediatric cardiology, provides a number of services to patients and their families, including counseling and can obtaining a number of community health/mental health/social services.

Pediatric Cardiology Team Members

Visit their site for a complete list of physicians. In addition to the Cardiology team, a number of other health professionals are available to you when you have a medical problem that isn't related to your heart such as colds, cough or upset stomach.

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