Melanoma Clinic

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The Melanoma Clinic in Dermatology provides multi-disciplinary care for patients with a diagnosis of melanoma as well as those at high risk of developing melanoma. Dr. Roger Lo works closely with other specialists at UCLA with a specific interest in melanoma biology and clinical management, including Dr. Antoni Ribas (Medical Oncology) and Dr. James Economou (Surgical Oncology).

Dr. Lo's clinical research interests include:

  • Combination therapies for advanced melanoma
  • Cutaneous toxicities of systemic therapies for melanoma
  • Primary and secondary prevention of early melanoma"

The Lo Laboratory is focused on melanoma research in these areas:

  • Genomic, epigenomic and immunologic basis of theraputic response and resistance
  • Development of rationale for next-generation combinatorial treatment regimens
  • Molecular basis of melanoma initiation, invasion and metastasis

For those interested in giving to the melanoma cause, please visit this link to The Ian Copeland Musicians Fund for Melanoma.

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