Solid Organ Transplant Clinic

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Solid Organ Transplant Recipients (heart, kidney, lung, liver, pancreas) are at an increased risk for developing skin cancer due to the use of essential immunosuppressive mediations to prevent rejection of the transplanted organ. The risk for developing skin cancer rises along with the duration of the immunosuppression. The risk of mortality from skin cancer rises as well in transplant patients therefore close surveillance and monitoring is an essential component of their medical care.

The UCLA Division of Dermatology offers clinics dedicated to the evaluation, monitoring and treatment of skin cancer and pre-cancerous lesions in solid organ transplant recipients (SOTR). The SOTR clinic was initially established by Dr. Teresa Soriano who supervises the Westwood clinic and is now available in our Santa Monica office under the supervision of Dr. Joseph Greco. Our skin cancer team work in coordination with the transplant team to develop both a short and long-term treatment plan individualized for each patient.

If you are an organ transplant recipient or have a patient you would like to refer to one of our clinics, please request a consultation with one of our doctors.

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