Let's Talk Heart Body & Soul 2017

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A Preview from Let's Talk; Heart, Body & Soul 2017, held October 14, 2017 at UCLA CNSI Center!

On Saturday October 14th, UCLA Women's Cardiovascular Center and Boston Scientific's Close The Gap hosted  a very special FREE community event - and it wasn't just for women! Our event sold out as partners, husbands, teens, family and friends joined to share in on this educational and enagaging, unique celebration for healthier, mindful living! 

Heart and Motto

Our program featured an informative panel discussion led by UCLA Women's Cardiovascular Health Center Cardiologists,  including 'Hot Topic' spotlights with additional participants discussing Heart Healthy lifestyle options, menu and exercise tips,  and a variety of Mindful Resources to promote whole-body, life and spirit healing!


Ms. Bri Winkler, former ABC7 Eyewitness News Morning Meterorologist, Emceed the event and attendees spent the morning enjoying a delicious heart-healthy menu sampling and smoothies from Meal and a Spiel, soothing live music from Mindful Music, information tables packed with tips and resources for healthy diet and lifestyle choices from Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, meditation and Mindful living tips from UCLA MARC, informative video clips featuring Heart Health and overall Wellness information, interactive CPR demonstrations by UCLA Center for PreHospital Care (CPC), make-overs and accents by Beauty Bus Foundation, blood pressure screening, information on Teen Heart Health and Teen Apps by UCLA Teen Heart Health and UCLA ECHOS and so much more!


Highlights of the day included: 

a 'Loving Heart' meditation led by our MARC Meditation Facilitator Ana Maria Dorrance, several touching 'shared stories', specialists on a variety of topics offering tips, and ideas to improve overall life, heart health and easily reduce and manage stress through the deveoplment of healthy habits, and adaptable Mindful practices!

Our spectacular lineup of speakers included: Valencia J. Powell (Close The Gap), Dr. Anjani Mattai (Whole Body Health), Mary Galindo, MPH,RD (Dietary Choices), Dr. Jeannette Lin (Pregancy and Heart Disease), Dr. Preethi Srikanthan (Menopause & Health) Our expert Panel then led an informative presentation and Q&A with the audience, 

Our panel included:

Dr. Karol Watson, Dr. Marcella Calfon Press, Dr. Tamara Horwich, Dr. Anne Saltzman, Dr. Sheila Sahni, Dr. Reena Patel, Dr. Janki Shah

Specially invited Whole-Body Health, and Mindful Lifestyle Experts joined our distinguished Doctors to share information on 'hot health topics'! These included:

Boston Scientific’s Close the Gap initiative reflects the company’s commitment to promoting health equity in partnership with committed healthcare providers and is focused on raising awareness and increasing access to healthcare for under treated patient communities across the United States. Close the Gap works in partnership with healthcare organizations through targeted education to impact: 1)Patient CV Disease Awareness and Treatment Options targeting higher risk and undertreated patient populations who need advanced CV therapy by providing ethnic and gender specific educational resources. 2)Access to CV Care through identification of new and existing patients who need advanced therapy. Focus on educating referring HCPs in the community.  Screen targeted patient populations and refer to the appropriate HCP. 3)Quality of Outcomes through the creation of resources to increase adherence to quality measures and improve patient care.

UCLA Ornish Lifestyle Medicine heals hearts and transforms lives.  UCLA Ornish Lifestyle Medicine is the only program scientifically proven to prevent, stop and event reverse heart disease by helping participants make significant lifestyle changes.

Founded in 2014, Mindful Music shares the health benefits of music through live performance, education, and research. As a part of the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior and the UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative, Mindful Music has introduced over 200 live performances featuring local artists in 15 unique spaces across campus. In times of high stress, suffering, and discomfort, the power of live music is the uplifting relief your heart is searching for. By connecting seemingly unlikely fields of healthcare and music, Mindful Music is dedicated to spread the power of live music into places of learning, working, and healing on a global level.

  • ECHOS - Early Cardiovascular Health Outreach SMS (ECHOS) program

The Early Cardiovascular Health Outreach SMS program, also known as ECHOS, educates, encourages, and empowers adolescents and young adults to take charge of their heart health! Our weekly text messages are tools to help promote changes in lifestyle behaviors early in life to prevent heart disease later in life. We provide information on cholesterol, diabetes, exercise, stress, and sleep and also deliver it directly to cell phones.

MARC was created to bring to a renowned mental health research institution the ancient art of mindful awareness in a scientifically supported and rigorous form. Our center offers classes and workshops to the general public, teaching the skills of mindfulness across the lifespan, fosters and publicizes research to support the scientific benefits of mindful awareness, brings mindfulness to professionals through UCLA's medical education program-including doctors, medical students, staff and faculty and offer mindfulness tools and classes to support mental health professionals.

Each year, over 12,000 students participate in our life-saving programs in the areas of CPR, first aid, basic and advanced life support, and professional EMS education for paramedics and emergency medical technicians. In just a few hours, you can learn some of the most important skills of these professional first responders, enabling you to treat everyday injuries, or even save the life of a child, family member, or friend.

The mission of the Teen Heart-Health Initiative is to share AHA-approved heart-health information with youth and teens around the world, with the aim to empower life-long heart-health habits and save as many future lives as possible, in the long-term.

  •        UCLA Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Department
    • The Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation department provides a comprehensive approach to cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation utilizing a multidisciplinary team of professionals including registered nurses, registered respiratory therapists, a licensed psychologist exercise physiologists, certified exercise specialists and registered dieticians under the supervision of our medical directors.

“Let’s Change the World Together. One Meal at a Time.” Founded in 2010 by Elana Horwich, Meal and a Spiel is a private cooking school based on the philosophy that anyone can learn to cook. We offer cooking classes, both online and in person, recipes, videos, guidance for healthy living, and of course, spiels! We strongly believe that love is the most essential ingredient, and that sharing good food is a vehicle to a nicer planet. We stand for a world replete with delicious, consciously-prepared meals that are shared in generous spirit. Our recipes reflect a unique crossroads between authentic country Italian cuisine and the healthy practices of California – resulting in a simple rustic fare that prioritizes flavor and indulgence.

WomenHeart's mission is to improve the health and quality of life of women living with or at risk of heart disease, and to advocate for their benefit. WomenHeart offers support by connecting though our shared experiences, education by invited doctors and professions and advocacy through awareness for women living with heart disease. The WomenHeart West LA support group, a peer led support group that meets monthly at UCLA, is run by Amanda Daniels and Alisa Becket. Both Amanda and Alisa are trained Champions of WomenHeart and are living with heart disease.

Beauty Bus is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that brings dignity, hope and respite to chronically or terminally ill men, women and children - and their caregivers through beauty and grooming treatments.  Our oldest client is 101 - our youngest client is 1...and 25% of our clients are men!  We bring beauty to homes and hospitals, offering free hair, makeup, nail and facial services to patients and caregivers when they need it most.

Please check back as we will be uploading additonal tips, information, video clips and photos from the day's event!