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The UCLA Women’s Cardiovascular Center and Barbra Streisand Women’s Heart Health Program, is dedicated to bringing you Heart Healthy Education and programs including our Special Events, and Outreach that provide information on ground breaking research, healthy heart and lifestyle tips, an opportunity to meet our Doctors, and participate in conversations about matters of the Heart and Mindful approaches to your overall health and fitness. This approach to full Heart, Body & Spirit Health is not just for women, take a peek at our Teen Programs below as well. 


'Let’s Talk' Event Series

On Saturday, February 4, 2023, the UCLA Women's Cardiovascular Center presented another Let's Talk; Women's Heart Health program in celebration of American Heart Month. This year's event took place at the UCLA Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference Center and included presentations from the Women’s Cardiovascular Center directors and physicians: Karol Watson, M.D., Ph.D. Marcella Calfon Press, M.D., Ph.D. Tamara Horwich, M.D., M.S., Anjani Mattai, M.D. Anne Saltzman, Psy.D. Janki Shah, M.D. and Vijaya Surampudi, M.D. The physicians were joined by special guests Marin Hinkle and Diana Winston, and additional patient speakers. 


Let's Talk

'Let's Talk Heart Health: Mind, Body, Soul'

This annual event was first launched on October 14, 2017, at UCLA's CNSI Reception Center. A unique 'Heart Health & Mindful Living' event unlike any we've presented before! A world of discovery unfolded as UCLA Women's Cardiovascular Health Doctors presented a day packed with information from a handfull of experts, focused on heart health, preventative measures, stress reduction, mindful living and more! The UCLA CNSI reception center and auditorium quickly filled as the doors opened at 9am. Our guests were treated to one on one conversations with our participants who shared valuable information, while enjoying heart healthy tasty treats, soothing music, and displays packed with tips and ideas on Mindful Heart Healthy Living. The highlight of the day was our expert 'hot topic' presentations followed by our Doctors panel discussion.

‘Conversations About Women’s Heart Health’! Our Women’s Cardiovascular Center is committed to tackling the number one killer of women - heart disease! Through a unique program dedicated to the prevention, treatment, and management of cardiovascular disease, we share information and resources for better, heart health. Because women often present with different symptoms than men, the Center takes a specialized approach to caring for women with heart disease, offering a comprehensive array of cardiovascular healthcare services designed specifically for women, available to you in a single location. Additional information on past events can be found here: Learn more >

A taste of health

'A Taste of Health'

'A Taste of Health' aims to demystify healthy eating and dietary habits. This program offers you an opportunity to Host a special event to share Heart Healthy Living tips and information with friends or associates! For this series, we have partnered with a professional chef, Chef Elana,  and offer a group cooking class, cooking demonstrations and provide scientific background for the heart healthy meal we prepare. Learn more >


Teen Heart Health

Teen Heart Health

Our UCLA Women's Cardiovascular Health Center Doctors recognize the importance of reaching reaching out to populations that are often overlooked when it comes to Heart messages. One such group is teenagers. As women (and mothers!) we understand that healthy eating habits begin at home, and the healthful habits laid down early can translate into lifelong health. Our Teen group is led by teens, inspired by teens, and works to get the right message out to teens! Learn more >


Faith Central Bible Church

Faith Central Bible Church

Connecting with vulnerable populations, those who have less access to cardiovascular care, is a passion of our center. One outreach effort we have engaged in, is a research study conducted out of Faithful Central Bible Church in Los Angeles. In this research, young African American women (49 black women between 25 and 45 years of age) were assigned to one of two groups. The first group attended a series of four classes about reducing risks for heart and blood vessel disease, while the second group did not. Each woman received a smartphone with an app that measured physical activity and blood pressure, and sent automatic and individualized personal messages regarding study activities. This research found that the first group had better blood pressure and cholesterol levels, greater drops in stress and anxiety and increased healthy habits.


Research That Matters

Our “Research that Matters” program highlights the latest research discoveries that have come out of our center.  The inaugural “Research that Matters” was held January 2014. Learn more about the series >