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Taste Of Health Events!

The UCLA Women's Cardiovascular Center created an engaging and hands-on opportunity to teach Heart Healthy cooking tips from a series of Guest Chefs! You can be a part of helping to support our programs by hosting a 'Taste of Health’ special event in your own home. This Donor Hosted Fundraising Event offers an opportunity for individuals to host an invitation only event and be joined by our fabulous team of Doctors and a professional Chef, who will demonstrate Healthy Cooking tips and meal planning. You and your guests will participate in real time by assisting with preparation! The meal prep and ongoing discussion is aimed at demystifying healthy eating and dietary habits, while teaching the science and facts behind better food choices.

Your friends and family will love having this opportunity to learn from a pro and enjoy the fruits of your labors - a full sit down dinner celebration to enjoy the meal that was prepared! Join us today in an effort to spread the word about Heart Healthy eating and the ease of preparing fresh made meals.

Contact for more information and booking:

Lindsey S. Walton
Director of Development
Cell: 424-946-6102
[email protected]

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