Preoperative Evaluation

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We offer a wide range of treatments, including laser refractive surgery.

Before corneal refractive surgery can be scheduled, a comprehensive preoperative evaluation must be performed. Occasionally, this examination occurs on the same day as the Screening Consultation. More often, the two are done on separate days.

The preoperative evaluation is $500 whether one or both eyes are being considered for surgery. This amount is credited toward the cost of surgery, but is not refunded if a patient is ineligible for surgery.

The preoperative consultation involves a confirmation measurement of the refractive state of the eyes, corneal topography and thickness measurements, an intraocular pressure check, biomicroscopic examination of the anterior segments, and dilated pupil examination of the posterior segments.

If you are eligible for surgery after this examination and wish to schedule, the doctor’s surgery coordinator will meet with you. Alternatively, you can call the doctor’s office for the purpose of Scheduling Surgery.

You should plan to leave the doctor’s office with your eyes dilated. Bring sunglasses. Some patients can drive safely when they are dilated. Others find it difficult. If you are uncertain or have never been dilated before, you should bring someone with you or arrange for transportation.