Preoperative Instructions

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  1. Obtain the antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops prescribe by your doctor. Bring them with you the day of the procedure.
  2. Stop wearing rigid contact lenses three weeks or more before surgery.
  3. Stop wearing soft contact lenses three days or more before surgery.
  4. Stop wearing eye cosmetics three days before surgery and keep your eyelids especially clean during this time.
  5. Inform your doctor if you are or you plan to become pregnant before your procedure.
  6. The evening before the procedure, clean your eyelids with a warm washcloth.
  7. Have some aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), or Tylenol around to take when you come home after the procedure.
  8. These preoperative instructions are generic. Contact your doctor’s office for any additional instructions or exceptions to these instructions.