Screening Consultation

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We offer a wide range of treatments, including laser refractive surgery.

To determine if you are eligible for corneal refractive surgery, Our Doctors offer a free screening consultation. Occasionally, this examination occurs on the same day as the Preoperative Evaluation. More often, the two are done on separate days.

You should bring your best pair of distance glasses to the screening consultation. If you wear contact lenses, bring information about the lenses you wear in each eye including the manufacturer, brand of lens, power, base curve, and diameter.

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If you wear soft contact lenses, you must be out of them for at least 3 days. Longer is better.

If you wear rigid contact lenses, you must be out of them for at least 3 weeks. Again, longer is better.

If you have had prior eye surgery, we will need details. Operative reports are the most useful pieces of information to us.

The screening consultation involves measurement of the refractive state of the eyes and a brief biomicroscopic examination of the anterior segments.

If you are ineligible for surgery, you will be informed. No prescriptions for glasses, contact lenses, or medications will be written during the Screening Consultation.

If you appear to be eligible for surgery, you will be invited to schedule a Preoperative Evaluation. Full eligibility cannot be determined until this examination is performed.

Your eyes will not be dilated for the screening consultation. However, if you proceed to the Preoperative Evaluation on the same day, they will be. Be prepared for dilation if you want to do both on the same day.