Preparing to be Seen

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Preparing to be Seen at the Laser Refractive Center

If you have not been a patient at UCLA previously, you will need to register. If you see a faculty doctor for your Screening Consultation, their office receptionist will register you when you call. In addition to demographic information, they will ask for your telephone numbers, an emergency contact, your primary care physician, and your preferred pharmacy. If you see a community doctor for your consultation, one of their office staff will assist you with the UCLA registration process. 

You will need to collect and bring certain items on your first visit to the doctor. He or she will want to measure your best pair of glasses or the ones you wear most often. If you wear contact lenses, the doctor will want to know the manufacturer, brand name, power, base curve, and diameter of each lens. 

For patients under 30 years of age, whose refractions may be changing, it is best to bring refraction measurements from the preceding 3 years. These prescriptions can be obtained from the optometrist or ophthalmologist you visit for routine eye examinations.