Iris Repair

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The iris — the colored part of the eye — is a ring of muscle and connective tissue fibers that contract and expand to open and close the pupil in response to the brightness of surrounding light. 

Iris reconstructive surgery is among the most difficult operations performed by the anterior segment surgeon, especially after ocular trauma. Patients in need of such reconstructive efforts, either in cases of congenital, traumatic or other causes of iris loss, often are significantly debilitated by light and glare sensitivity, as well as other visual disturbances resulting from a compromised iris diaphragm.  The visual dysfunction may vary from mild to severe. Other symptoms include reduced visual acuity and contrast sensitivity loss. In addition, cosmetic issues are often present, especially when a patient has a light-colored iris. Abnormalities of pupil size, shape and location may also be reasons for pupil reconstruction.

Signs and Symptoms
Blurred Vision
Light Sensitivity

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