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Our registered dietitians each specialize in specific conditions, so you benefit from targeted nutrition care. We create personalized treatment plans to meet your needs.

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UCLA Health Excellence in Nutrition Services

UCLA Health dietitians are nutrition experts. Our network of outpatient dietitians works with you to help you make the dietary choices that support your health needs. We coordinate care with multiple specialists in a variety of programs, providing evidence-based, personalized nutrition plans. 

Additional highlights of our services include: 

  • Specialized expertise: Our dietitians specialize in medical nutrition therapy for specific diagnoses. Their advanced skillset provides you with the highest level of nutrition care available from an expert in the condition you have. 
  • Care for complex needs: Thanks to the vast UCLA Health network, we regularly treat a high volume of patients with complicated health needs. We have significant experience in caring for people with severe or complex conditions. 
  • Coordinated treatment: Dietitians work in many UCLA Health clinics and programs as an integrated member of your care team. We collaborate with your referring doctor to ensure you receive coordinated care. We also help you navigate the UCLA Health system, so you get the services you need as smoothly as possible. 
  • Ample appointment times: We often schedule your visit for 30 to 60 minutes. This gives us time to understand your concerns, answer your questions and work together on an individualized care plan.
  • Decades of experience: Our team includes dietitians with decades of experience who have worked at UCLA Health for most of their careers.
  • Services for all ages: Many of our registered dietitians specialize in children’s nutrition care. Find out more about pediatric nutrition services.

Our Areas of Expertise

As a UCLA Health patient, you have access to registered dietitians in multiple clinics and programs. We specialize in:   

Bariatric surgery 

Dietitians are integral members of the bariatric surgery team. We educate and support patients about proper nutrition before and after surgery so they can achieve long-term weight loss. Find out more about bariatric surgery.

Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation 

Proper nutrition can significantly impact your heart and lung health. Our dietitians help you make the nutrition choices that benefit you most. Discover more about cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation

Clinical nutrition 

Nutrition-focused physicians teach you how nutrition can help manage health problems. We offer several specialized services, including clinical nutrition for cancer, medical weight management and nutrition for metabolic diseases. We are among only a few health systems in the nation to offer outpatient nutrition services for tube feeding (enteral nutrition) and total parenteral nutrition (TPN). Find out more about clinical nutrition.


Your food choices directly affect your blood sugar levels. A dietitian can help you make lifestyle changes to better manage blood sugar and diabetes. Read more about diabetes care


Dysautonomia includes nerve problems that interfere with your body’s involuntary processes, such as heart rate and blood pressure. Dysautonomia can also cause gastrointestinal symptoms. A dietitian can guide you to the right food choices that help manage these symptoms. 

Eating disorders 

Eating disorder dietitians have specialized knowledge in nutrition and psychology. They offer strategies and tailored meal plans to address the unique needs of people with eating disorders. Find out more about eating disorder treatment.


Diet changes can help control seizures in some people with epilepsy. Our dietitians are experts in finding the right diet plan for you. Learn more about epilepsy care.

Gastrointestinal (GI) nutrition 

Our registered dietitians have extensive training in gastrointestinal disorders. They partner with gastroenterologists, GI psychologists and an integrative nurse practitioner to provide comprehensive, patient-centered care. Learn more about digestive diseases nutrition.


Our registered dietitians work closely with the HIV care team. They provide valuable nutrition education, guidance and resources to support you through this diagnosis. 

Kidney disease 

Proper nutrition can help people with kidney disease and other renal conditions manage their health. Our dietitians help you make smarter choices, giving you the tools you need to enhance your well-being. Find out more about kidney care (nephrology).

Metabolic disorders

Metabolic disorders interfere with your body’s ability to turn food into energy (metabolism). Making proper food choices can help you manage a metabolic disorder and lower your risk of other health problems. 


Our registered dietitians understand the unique nutritional needs of people with cancer. We help you prepare for treatment, manage its side effects and increase your energy as you heal. Learn more about nutritional support for cancer


Optimizing your health through nutrition is essential to preparing for transplant surgery. Our dietitians play a vital role in helping you understand how your food choices affect your overall health. 

Weight management 

We understand that weight management is more than your calorie intake and exercise habits. Our dietitians work with physicians, psychologists, behavioral health therapists and physical therapists to approach weight loss from all angles. 

We account for all the factors that affect your weight, providing personalized care plans to help you achieve long-term success. Find out more about weight management.

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Our dietitians specialize in numerous conditions and treatments, so you get advanced, personalized care. We help you make proper food choices to manage medical conditions and improve your overall health.

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