Brain Boot Camp

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Brain Boot Camp is an interactive, research-based training experience that provides participants with tools and lifestyle tips to keep their brains vital and healthy. This one-time, three-hour session is designed for people with mild age-related memory concerns or mild cognitive impairment, who wish to improve or maintain their memory ability. Brain Boot Camp is offered on an individual basis and tailored to accommodate individuals who have mild cognitive impairment.

The goals of Brain Boot Camp are to help participants develop good memory habits and to teach techniques to improve memory. The course provides the following:

1) Didactics on optimal brain health: proper nutrition, stress management, exercise, memory training

2) Baseline measurements of memory, stress, and fitness level

3) Customized healthy lifestyle program

4) Mentoring of various techniques for learning and recalling names and faces

5) Improvement tracking

6) Take home strategies, exercises, and assignments to continue improving memory on a daily basis

This interactive educational workshop provides participants with lifestyle strategies and tools to keep their brains vital and healthy. Ideal for people who want to improve or maintain their memory ability.

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