Memory Lifestyle Program

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The Memory Lifestyle Program is an exclusive concierge program tailored to each individual and designed to empower and educate. Led by a pioneer in the field of Alzheimer's disease and memory disorders, Dr. Gary Small, he and his team of experts will review medical factors and develop a customized plan for better memory and brain health. This program is beneficial to all participants from those with and without cognitive complaints. 

The goals of the Memory Lifestyle Program are to provide participants with valuable feedback upon review of their lifestyle and memory consultations with our team of experts. The exclusive program provides the following:

1) Personal consultation with memory expert Dr. Gary Small

2) Brain health and lifestyle review by expert UCLA neuropsychologists

3) Assessments to determine brain function and potential as needed

4) Ongoing wellness coaching throughout the year

5) Didactics on optimal brain health: proper nutrition, stress management, exercise, and memory training

6) Baseline measurements of memory, stress, and fitness level

7) Take home strategies, exercises, and assignments to continue improving memory on a daily basis

Concierge program with multiple visits tailored to each individual and designed to empower and educate. Ideal for those with memory concerns.

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