Memory Training

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Memory Training presents effective memory-enhancing techniques to individuals and organizations within the Los Angeles area and across the nation. The course provides an innovative educational program for people with mild memory concerns and combines trainer presentations with group discussions, memory checks, and skill-building exercises. Each class is two hours, once per week, for four consecutive weeks. The course targets the four most common memory complaints that people experience in daily life:

1) Forgetting names and faces

2) Forgetting to do things in the future, such as keeping an appointment, passing on a phone message, or forgetting why you walked into a room

3) Forgetting where you put things like keys, glasses, or a wallet

4) Inability to immediately recall something you know or "tip of the tongue" memory challenges

This class focuses on strategies that help participants develop good memory habits and teaches techniques to improve memory. Ideal for people with normal to mild age-related memory concerns     

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