UCLA Nathanson Family Resilience Center

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We provide targeted care for pediatric, adult and geriatric patients. Call 800-825-9989 or 310-825-9989 to learn more about our psychiatry services. 

The UCLA Nathanson Family Resilience Center (NFRC) develops and implements programs to help families adapt to and overcome challenges. As leaders in the field of family resilience, the center provides a bridge between research and service. The team works with communities and systems of care to design and evaluate high-quality, preventive services that enhance family relationships and child development.

The NFRC seeks to create and provide high-quality, cost-effective services that can be used to help families facing a variety of challenging situations. In addition to working with individual families, the NFRC strives to build a stronger community of care for all families and promote family strengths by increasing research, developing resources, sharing ideas, and working together with other organizations. The programs offered at the NFRC reflect each family’s unique experience. These programs are designed for families affected by military service, teen pregnancy, serious illness, the child welfare system, a history of abuse or neglect, homelessness, or the juvenile justice system. The team at the NFRC helps individuals and families become happier, healthier, and more resilient.

Services Available through the NFRC:

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