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As leaders in COPD care, we deliver effective treatments and support. Call 310-825-8061 to connect with an expert.

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COPD and Alpha-1 Program 
200 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 365 
Los Angeles, CA 90095 
Tel: 310-825-8061 Appointments

New Patients:

Marrissa Bermudez
COPD New Patient Representative
Tel: 310-825-8061
Fax: 310-794-9718

In order for your consultation with our program to be most effective, please bring copies of your medical records to your appointment or have them faxed in advance. Due to the lag time of processing and uploading records, we recommend faxing at least 3 weeks in advance, and hand carrying a copy of your records the day of your appointment to ensure your doctor has access to them during your visit.

Please Bring Copies of the Following:

  • Consultation reports from office visits with other lung doctors
  • Pulmonary function testing reports
  • Cardiac testing reports (stress tests, echocardiograms)

For Research Inquiries:

Roslynn Marzan-McGill
COPD Senior Research Coordinator 
Tel: 310-794-2156
Fax: 310-206-8211
Email: [email protected] (for COPD studies) or [email protected] (for Alpha-1 studies)

Pulmonary Function Lab
200 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 302 
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Tel: 310-794-9721

Radiology (Chest CT Scans)
100 Medical Plaza, Suite 100 
200 Medical Plaza, Suite B1 level 
Los Angeles, CA 90095 
Tel: 310-301-6800