Cyst Aspiration/Sclerosis

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Treatment for:

Symptomatic cysts, usually in the liver, kidney, or elsewhere in the abdomen or pelvis

Why it’s done:

Cysts can form in the body for various reasons, and may cause symptoms, most commonly pain. Aspiration of the cyst may reduce symptoms, and can be useful to determine the cause of the cyst and guide treatment planning.

How it’s done:

An interventional radiologist or abdominal radiologist uses CT or ultrasound to guide a needle or small drain into one or more cysts. The fluid is then removed by vacuum suction. If cysts are recurrent, sclerosis can be performed by instilling a chemical which damages the cyst wall, reducing its chance of recurrence.

Ultrasound image of needle entering a cyst during an ultrasound-guided drainage

Level of anesthesia:

Conscious sedation or local anesthesia only


Bleeding, infection, damage to surrounding structures


Bed rest for 1-2 hours.


With referring physician. Recurrence of symptoms may suggest re-accumulation of fluid in the cyst, which may necessitate repeat aspiration or sclerosis.

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