Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty

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Treatment for:

Painful vertebral fracture or painful vertebral hemangioma

Why it’s done:

Pathologic or osteoporotic fractures of the spine can cause severe, debilitating pain. If the pain does not resolve with conservative treatments, vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty can be used to ameliorate the pain and allow earlier return to function.

How it’s done:

An interventional radiologist uses X-rays to guide specialized needle(s) into the affected vertebral body. In the case of vertebroplasty, cement is then injected to fill and stabilize the vertebral body. In the case of kyphoplasty, specialized balloons are first used to create a space within the vertebral body, followed by injection of the cement.

Three step diagram of vertebroplasty process

Level of anesthesia:

Conscious sedation or general anesthesia


Small risk of bleeding or infection. Cement leak can occur into the spinal canal, disc space, or adjacent veins.


Bed rest and observation for at least 3 hours. Return to function varies from patient to patient.


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