Clinical Supervisors

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The Clinical Supervisor assumes a multitude of responsibilities that are crucial to the effective functioning of the Respiratory Department, the facility, and the people within, including employees and patients.

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The primary role of the Clinical Supervisor is to manage and provide overall support and detail oriented guidance to the staff, both clinically and administratively where appropriate. Clinical Supervisors use not only their expertise as managers to interact with physicians and ancillary services, but their experience as clinicians to help guide and advocate the best respiratory practices for patients and their families. On a daily basis, our supervisors lay the foundation of each shift by assigning the staff to over seven patient specific critical care areas throughout the hospital that include, neonates, pediatrics, and adults through geriatrics.


In addition, the Clinical Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all personnel adhere to established hospital and professional work standards that include patient experience (CICARE), performance expectation, education, attendance, and documentation. They monitor job performance of clinicians, providing them with advice and feedback. Annual staff performance evaluations are also maintained and presented to assess staff efficiency and address deficiencies appropriately. The Clinical Supervisors participate in the monitoring, development and evaluation of students and newly hire therapists.

The supervisors remain the "quarterbacks" of the department. Their work ethic and ability to remain stoic under immense pressure make them valuable. They set the tone, create a positive and empathetic atmosphere as staff cares for patients, and promote and encourage team work.

UCLA's Clinical Supervisors are amongst the best in the country because of their passion for people, their conviction to the serve those in need, and commitment to the profession of respiratory medicine.