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UCLA Respiratory Therapy Education & Training

Irina Vartapetian
Irina Vartapetian, RRT, RCP Clinical Educator, Ronald Reagan and Santa Monica UCLA, Medical Center

Our department is dedicated to the mission of UCLA Health: delivering leading edge patient care, research and education. Education, training, and staff development is a high priority and an ongoing process here at UCLA.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela). Our world is our patients and families’ health and lives while they are here under our care. We are empowered through our education. We are able change the health and lives of our patients for the better because of it. Our goal is to provide a supportive and dynamic learning environment that enables our therapists to provide leading edge therapy. To heal humankind, one patient at a time, by improving the health, alleviating suffering and delivering acts of kindness.

We as, Respiratory Care Services, are here to help heal and better the lives our patients and their families. We are committed to improve their lives through not only our own education but the education of our patients and families’ to empower them to improve their lives.

Respiratory Therapy Students

Currently, we have three schools of respiratory therapy that gain invaluable clinical experience here at UCLA. Our staff is committed to providing the very best clinical experience for each respiratory student who trains here. We have a strong legacy of providing this training to students and of sharing our knowledge and skills as a leading contributor to the respiratory therapy community and to providing excellence in patient care.

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