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How to Keep Your Nutrition on Track Before and After Bariatric Surgery

By Yasmin Firouzman, RD

The one thing that most individuals have in common is that we have all tried a diet at one time in our lives.  Whether you have had surgery or are just trying to lose* weight, the majority of us can agree that sometimes we can fall off track and end up right where we started. To help you stay on track with your weight loss* goals, try the following ideas:

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Keep a food journal:  A journal can help you stay in control of what you choose to eat by holding you accountable. In addition, if after weeks of consecutive weight loss you suddenly notice that the scale is moving up, you can review your journal and find out what you are doing differently.  Maybe, you have fallen off track and don’t realize it.

Indulge responsibly: Let’s face it; if you deprive yourself of everything you love while trying to lose weight you are going to be very miserable.  The key is to eat your favorite foods in moderation and think before you eat.  This means, decide if the item is really worth it.

Spice up the exercise:  Following the same exercise routine week after week can be boring.  Aim to change your routine every two or three months by adding a new class, day or changing your entire routine all together.  Remember, you don’t have to join a gym to get a good workout.  You can walk, join a dance class, bike, skate or swim.

Visualize yourself at your goal weight: Remind yourself of what you are working towards with a helpful visual.  You can hang a piece of clothing that you have been trying to fit into somewhere where you can see it or keep a picture of you at your fittest on your computer, refrigerator or in your wallet.

Set realistic goals for yourself:  Remember that reaching your goal weight takes time. Don’t get disappointed if you don’t reach your goal weight by the time you had hoped.  We often get disappointed and go back to our old eating habits. Instead, be proud of yourself for what you have lost and remain on track until you reach your goal weight.

Change your food choices regularly:  Don’t eat the same foods every day.  If you eat the same foods day after day, eventually you may not feel satisfied and may need a larger portion to feel full.  Therefore, it is best to experiment with new foods and recipes.

Plan ahead: Always have a healthy non-perishable snack like a granola bar or nuts in your bag in case you get delayed somewhere.  If you skip a snack, you are more likely to overeat at the following meal.

Losing weight is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be very difficult either.  I hope these tips can help you stay on track and reach your goal weight smoothly.

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