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It's no secret that, as we age, our face begins to lose its youthful contours.  Heredity, stress, and environmental factors all play role.  And the effects of aging don't always manifest evenly.  Some people may not feel ready for a full facelift because the upper face is still pleasing however they may begin to notice wrinkling of the neck skin, a double chin, or jowl lines.  When the appearance of the neck doesn't match the upper face, a neck lift may be a solution.

A neck lift, or lower rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that improves the visible signs of agin in the jawline and neck and can be used to address

  • Excess fat or skin laxiety in the lower face that gives the appearance of jowls
  • Excess fat under the chin
  • Loose neck skin
  • Irregular neck countours caused by muscle banding

Good candidates for a neck lift include:

  • Healthy individuals who do not have any medical conditions that would impair healing
  • Non-smokers
  • Individuals with a positive outlook and realistic expectations 

There are a number of facial rejuvenation procedures that can be performed in conjunction with a necklift.  You'll want to come to your consultation with a clear idea of the outcome you would like to achieve; your surgeon will customize his or her operative plan to give you the best possible outcome.