Don't Look Back on Life, Just Go Forward

UCLA Health article

Monday morning I went to work and had a little pain on my abdomen and called my wife and said I’m gonna go to the doctor. She actually said it must be a big pain because I don’t really go to the doctor. I went home and went to the doctor and did some research to find out what it was because I thought it was a hernia. I showed up to the doctor and he said it was testicle cancer. That was the first time Ive heard that in my family. The doctor asked if I ever noticed a lump on the right side of my neck and then he ordered a CT scan. From there they saw something in my kidney which they thought all three were cancer related. On Wednesday I did a biopsy on my kidney then Thursday biopsy for my neck and then on Friday had my testicle removed for the cancer. Finished the surgery and then came out for surgery on Saturday and then I had to go through chemotherapy and then they did find in my kidney and found out that I had renal cancer so they wanted to remove it. They referred me out here to UCLA, and I just got out of surgery January 10 on a Tuesday then Wednesday for my kidney. Now I’m here finishing everything, hopefully everything is finished. Everything was so fast. Dr. Livhitz, my kidney doctor, they worked great and I would think everything is going to work on from now on. All the doctors did an amazing job. I mean I would say age doesn’t matter see the doctor, you never know what to expect from life and Im just going to take it day by day now and all the support from my wife whose been there since day one has been phenomenal.