Get it out and be done with it!

UCLA Health article

I had an endocrinologist that I liked that was monitoring my hyperthyroidism but she moved away. I had new nodules but every 6 months there were more. Dr. Livhits had seen me and said no need for surgery at that time but when the risk increased to the 40% level we decided to proceed. Also a cousin had had issues so that factored into the decision making.

On August 7 I had a total thyroidectomy. The surgery was at UCLA Santa Monica and I was out in 1 day. There was no incisional pain and I didn't even need to fill the prescription for pain medicine. There was some positional pain in my neck but that went away. I was back to work in 1 week with no restrictions.

It was great that the pathology report indicated all was benign. I am happy to have it over as I hated the constant biopsies.