Great Experience with Dr.Yeh and Dr.Livhitz

UCLA Health article

First there was no cancer diagnosis, then I went to the another doctor who identified it as thyroid cancer. First biopsy had no issues, so the ENT identified it as thyroid cancer and he referred us to Dr. Yeh. We were able to get an appointment because the cancer was aggressive. We had the surgery done June and it was like a 9 hour operation. They removed the thyroid and parathyroid and we followed up every 6 months. Dr. Michael Yeh and Dr. Livhitz are some of the best. I had to spend 2 weeks in the hospital for recovery. UCLA gave the best care, and I agree its one of the best in the US. The nurses were so efficient good and caring, and the facilities were the best. We were so fortunate to get into UCLA. I felt very good with the people that were working with me. I used to be in the army and I felt like the doctor was doing an excellent job. I feel very pleased and they know that they’re doing. The doctors were very professional, and I felt secure and it was done well. After the entire surgery, they treated me very well and I felt good there were no negatives at all and this is an honest thing. Dr. Livhitz treats you like they're family.