Happy Ending

UCLA Health article

I had a lump and was told there was a 50-50 chance it was cancer. I was told by someone that I needed surgery for complete removal.

Dr. Livhits was very positive. She said that although there was a chance a second surgery could be needed that if I wanted partial removal it made sense since I am young and healthy. She was completely with me and willing to look at what I was looking at.

At the time of the surgery she was awesome and positive and I loved her for it. It turned out to be precancerous and only half needed to come out. For me, this was a big thing.

I was happy with my choice and glad to have an option. We made a decision together and I thank her for that. I know I made the right choice. She did an amazing job and you can barely see the scar.

I didn't take any pain medication and it was uncomfortable but didn't really hurt.

You have to be positive and have a good doctor.