I Survived

UCLA Health article

About 5 or 6 years ago I found a nodule on my neck. I wasn't sure if it was abnormal but since I had no insurance I waited several years before I had a checkup. When I finally did, the biopsy was benign.No one told me to followup so I didn't. But one of my colleagues noticed it was growing so I was encouraged to go see my primary doctor. I got a call telling me I had papillary carcinoma. I was sent to an ENT who id a quick visit and said 1/2 of my thyroid would need to be removed. My colleague suggested I get a second opinion and told me to come from Bakersfield to UCLA, All went so smoothly and all was explained very thoroughly.Dr. Livhits suggested a total thyroidectomy as the borders were not clear but gave me options. The thought of surgery was terrifying. Its scary to hear you have cancer. I felt like my life was on pause, I didn't know if I had a future. But they made me feel so comfortable. Although it was hard to go through, they made me feel safe.I needed followup with radiation therapy that meant I had to be isolated. I highly recommend UCLA - I feel like I'm at home. I feel comfortable asking questions and the response time is great. I have never been treated like I have been here. I am in the best hands.