Life changing experience with Dr. Marsha J. Livhits

UCLA Health article

I have been diagnosed hypertension and chronic hypokalemia-potassium deficiency over 20 years. For over 20 years, my daily medications are included: 1 Atenolol tablet 50mg, 1 Amloodipine Besylate tablet 10 mg, 6 Klor-con 8meq tablets (potassium). I was in ER, hospitalized for days multiple times due to my potassium deficiency, at 2.5 – 2.8 (normal range 3.6 - 5.8). The last time I was hospitalized for 3 days at San Gabriel Hospital in December 2018 with my potassium level at 2.8 and leaving hospital at 3.6.

I am forever thankful Dr. Winston Vuong (Radiation Oncology) who was guiding me to find out the root cause of my health issues, leading me to see these talented, amazing doctors, Dr. Pouyan Famini, Dr. Mahshid Melody Mosallaei-Benjamin, and undergone surgery for Aldosteronoma with Dr. Masha Livhits in September 2019.

Dr. Livhits so amazing! She truly is an “Angel” who has changed my life! Dr. Livits and her team has done an amazing surgery removing my left adrenal mass. I woke up with very little pain, and did not need to take any pain medication. I took a couple Tylenol at home for the discomfort during the recovery.

I was in tears with joy when I saw my 1st blood test results – My potassium level is at 4.8. This is the 1st time ever in my life my potassium is within a normal range WITHOUT any medications! I am so excited, feel like I am on top of the world. Words cannot describe how happy I am.

My family and I are trilled and forever in gratitude I NO longer taking any blood pressure and potassium medication. This is a major change in my life, and I wish to share this amazing experience with all patients who have high blood pressure and low potassium to look for the root cause – take action to improve your quality of life! If I only knew, and have this surgery done 20 years ago, then I did not needed to be in ER / hospitalized for so many times.

Million thanks again to Dr. Masha Livhits, Dr. Winston Vuong, Dr. Pouyan Famini, Dr. Mahshid Melody Mosallaei-Benjamin, and the entire UCLA team doctors and nurses in surgery room, recovery room.