Not a big deal

UCLA Health article

Thank god for Dr. Barbara Geisser at UCLA neurology who called to say on your MS MRI, "It appears that you have these nodules that I am sure you know about and are being followed." I said, "I sure am not and don't know about them." Dr. Geisser said she would make a referral for an endocrinologist and endocrine surgeon. I was lucky that I got Dr. Michael Yeh. Dr. Yeh was so funny because I was asking him all these questions and he said, "don't you think you are getting ahead of yourself." I told him, "Dr. Yeh, you know I will go home and google all this." This place was great to get me in quickly and listen to my concerns and my many questions. The worst part was the biopsy, but it was more psychological than physical. I told both Dr. Yeh and Dr. Famini, "I just want you to know that I created a true crime TV show for the Oxygen network about women from the South who kill and get away with it... and I am a women from the South!" Dr. Famini said, "oh, that doesn't bother me!" He stuck me and started his biopsy on my three nodules. That really was the worst part of all this. I told him about an acronym that I use “KGB”... means "I can kill you, gut you, bury you, and no will find you and the key is in the gutting." I told Dr. Famini all of this and he said I did not need all that knowledge and I said I did not need 14 sticks to the neck and here we are. Dr. Famini was really great on his follow up, he called to let me know it’s going to be cancer so what are we doing. I went home to Tennessee for the holidays and he called again after i came back. I asked him so its cancer and he said about 75% and i said okay my Aflac policy is renewed.

From PREOP to postop everyone has been great. The nurses were great. it was a really really good and they brought me great dinner it was grilled salmon. I felt really taken care of and it was a great experience. After surgery the nurses said, you will be up by the 7am the next day and out! I was back home and picking up my meds at pharmacy by 8:08am and groceries at 8:45 and back under my covers by 9am. It was a really great experience with good follow up. I have had brain surgery and MS and this thyroid cancer. everyone said you will have to take thyroid pill for the rest of your life and my response was I will take MS pills for the rest of my life so I’ll just add this to my stack! i asked Dr. Yeh as a joke to take away excess skin and he said you don't have any excess skin! The one thing i was concerned about was my voice, I like my Southern accent and I told Dr. Yeh if I come out sounding like Kathleen Turner or Lauren Brokaw was okay! But if I came out sounding like Fran Drescher I would have to kill you! And I am happy to say my voice is normal and I didn't have to kill Dr. Yeh!!!