UCLA Health article

Dr. FaminiI had a parathyroidectomy at UCLA with Dr. Livhitz. Dr. Famini was my endocrinologist. I was so impressed with both of them - they were so patient, caring, smart and skilled. I cannot say enough about what a great experience it was for what is really not supposed to be pleasant haha. They explained everything thoroughly and fully answered all of my layperson questions in a manner that was respectful and comprehensive. Dr. Livhitz was particularly attentive and diligent in taking the extra time necessary to keep most of my thyroid in tact when the parathyroid gland was embedded in it. I appreciate that she had a full schedule that morning and probably my issue caused her some delay in attending to other patients. Dr. Famini also took the time to help me file an appeal to a decision of my insurer that I was successful in overturning through the state. He is very busy yet took took the time to prepare an appeal as well as a peer to peer review. I really cannot say enough about both of these doctors - I rated them both a "10" and I am not given to hyperbole. I usually think there is some room for improvement in every situation but not here. I could not have had better treatment, honestly.