The Best Cancer To Have

UCLA Health article

I found out that I had thyroid cancer in a weird way. I had a CT scan on my lungs and it showed up. I went to have a test to see if it was suspicious and it was and they did a biopsy which was positive. I went to see Dr. Ann who referred me to Dr. Livhitz and we scheduled the surgery 3 weeks later. The surgery was done as planned and ended up being 4 hours. The only discomfort was a sore throat for 2-3 days. I stayed in hospital overnight where my throat hurt. Then it was ok, then Dr. Livhitz followed up with a phone call and explained what to follow up with. I went to a follow up with my endocrinologist who was hesitant at first about the radioactive pill and today is my surgery follow up. She decided it’s not necessary to do the radioactive pill unless your markers are up. Ive been very impressed with Dr. Livhitz and Dr. Ann. They are both really nice and make you feel comfortable and safe which is really important. Overall a really good experience considering. I would recommend the team to anyone.