The UCLA Gender Health Program Rules!

UCLA Health article

I found The Gender Health Program when I was referred by my surgeon to get a pre-op examination. I was nervous at first, because going to the doctor can be really stressful when you're transgender. However, the program was so nice and cool! Everybody was really respectful and made sure I was comfortable, and Dr. Amy Weimer is my favorite doctor I've ever seen.

A lot of doctors act like gatekeepers for transgender people, but Dr. Weimer was an ally from the get-go. She helped me explore my options and was super understanding and supportive. I even figured out some cool new stuff with her help. I think I'm going to see her as my Primary Care doctor, because finding a transgender-friendly care provider is so tough, and she's awesome.

I'm really happy with the time I spent with UCLA. It's been so cool to have such a good team taking care of me during my transition!